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Created by a group of competitive MWO players, CoS looks to connect the competitive perspective on the game with the already existing community, PGI, and any new MWO players by offering a TeamSpeak to play on, Message Boards, as well as educational content featured on the site. Editorials from competitive veterans regarding existing and new maps, 'Mechs, and league matches are written to suit the MechWarrior layman, removing the steep learning curve on information while giving advice on what mechanics to practice in-game.




CONTRIBUTORS: prtNspz, Celyth, heimdelight, slummy, Writhen

by slummy, prtNspz, and heimdelight

The same trio who brought you the PTS4 Review goes over how things look on Live Servers following the Dec 1st Patch

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by Prtnspz/slummy/heimdelight

A review of the top-performing 'Mechs operating under the new balance pass live on the Public Test Servers, heimdelight and Proton playtest while slummy spectates, as all three discuss what MWO may look like December 1st.

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by Celyth

"As for work ethic, 8v8s were set up every weekday pretty much for 4~ weeks leading up to the finale.  It was only 8 drops a day or so on average, but they were fairly intense, to the point where I’d get into a few arguments with select teammates about silly strats that may take us by surprise (like when the subject of Shadow Cats were brought up, asking that we wouldn’t know how to react when we already faced them when SJR used them).  Eventually, instead of the Shadow Cat, going into the drops, it was a Summoner (by Zeleglok) that would be the wild card we did not prepare for..."

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by heimdelight

"Speaking of NASCAR, the new Caustic Valley still has a lot of it. After many PUG playthroughs and testing run-arounds, the large center-focus of the map (with no incentive to be in the hot middle) causes players to rotate around the valley between the caldera and the outer ridges. Often, players stay close to the caldera for cover, since being in an open valley results in death."

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(Pictured Above: Screenshot of the New Caustic Valley)

Church of Skill's Sunday Mass Scrimmages (Celyth)
 This match is full of overviews between what both teams did for strategy, giving insight in to what works best.
Church of Skill's Sunday Mass Scrimmages (heimdelight)

   From this player perspective, you'll be able to hear competitive calls real time and listen to strategies unfold to better understand the finer details on how to play as a team.