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PATCH NOTES - 10/06/15

by [EmP] heimdelight

Before I touch on all patch note subjects, I'd like to open by saying that majority of patches in MWO have no balance changes to 'Mechs and Weapons. They do very little at a time, and solve one problem while causing two. Currently, we are awaiting any communication about further balance pass changes, as the first Public Test was a complete mess for PGI with mostly negative feedback.

Other than that, let's rifle through the notes and quick opinions of each subject.

 Some notes I'll get into more than others, some I may not even mention.

You can read my in-depth New Caustic Valley analysis here.

The new Caustic Valley was the big thing in this patch, and due to that, it got it's own article.

With the introduction of leg indicators in the HUD during gameplay, third-person view is now turned off by default. Third-person was largely an unnecessary addition to MWO (PGI's said it was to help new players) when something like these could have just as easily been made. Although the arrow image clips when going up ramps, I can see how it would help people get used to knowing where their legs are facing.

Anyone remember the metal platforms on the inside of Terra Therma? They were silent when the map was introduced. Forest Colony now has the water effects that were once missing, making the run out there a little less eerie.

Black Knight Hitboxes have had the Center Torso adjusted. This is good, because it was totally needed and the 'Mech definitely has a bit more survivability.

There are now a bunch of different ways to see how many heatsinks you have equipped in MechLab. Engine and additional heatsinks are counted in the Mech Stats window, as well as on the hover pop-up when you put your mouse over a 'Mechs portrait. This was another item the community has been requesting for a long time.

Good to see they quickly fixed up the master module slot not being immediately unlocked when a 'Mech was mastered. Not sure how long the issue was around, but it was easily fixed by logging out, then logging back in.

I'm glad they are continuing to do quality passes on the tutorial, especially the quick fix for the alpha-strike section so many players had issues with. They also got a couple other issues similar to that patched up.

The new C-Bill Icon looks pretty ugly. The other two (GXP/XP) that were updated look fine.

Also, screenshots now have a format with file names that go: "MWO"

This patch was filled with a lot of minor bug fixes, new map release, the crab/loyalty 'Mechs, and pretty full of new content. Pretty solid.